226 Recordings is a mixing, mastering and production facility in Houston Texas.  We have been helping people with their projects for over 15 years now. Our services include mixing, mastering, production, and private instruction. 


We pride ourselves on our eclectic gear collection, which pairs cutting edge digital technology with tried-and-true analog pieces.  Top of the line equipment fuses with Paul’s 20 years in the industry to make 226 Recordings a global destination.  International and local clients alike take advantage of 226’s mixing, mastering, and production capabilities.  


Paul’s impressive resume includes clients such as Foster the People, Macy Gray, Ernie Watts, Stanley Clarke, Denis Chambers, Nick Smith, Honda, Centerpoint Energy, British Petroleum, Boyscouts of America, Papa Johns, and many more.  Their comprehensive experience in rock, folk, jazz, Celtic, alternative, soul, metal, gospel, and pop makes 226 Recordings the go-to studio for working in any genre. 


Pro Tools HDX with ample plugins

Lynx Aurora 16

Digital Audio Denmark 2402




Microtech Gefell UM 75

Microtech Gefell UM70S (2)

Neumann M149

Neumann KM184

Electrovoice ND 868

CAD M179 (3)

Sennheiser 441

Sennheiser MKH 416

Shure SM 7

Shure SM 57 (3)

Telefunken M80

Audix I5

Sony C37-P



UBK Fatso

UBK Electra EQ

Elysia Nvelope

Inward Connections Brute

Pete's Place BAC500

Lee Jackson Fuzzy Finger


2x Daking Mic Pre IV (8 Pres)

LaChapelle Audio 992 (2Pres)

Cranesong Flamingo (2 Pres)



Focal Twin 6BE Monitors (2)

Focal Sub 6

Cranesong Avocet Monitor Controller

Avatone Mix Cube

Hearback Personal Monitoring Cue System

Houston Percussion Center Custom Maple Drum Kit:

     10", 12", 13", & 16" Toms, 22" Kick, Black Beauty Snare,      DW Maple Snare, Tama Snare

Wurlitzer A205 E Piano

Fender Rhodes

Badcat Wildcat 40 2x12 Guitar Amp

1991 Japanese Fender Stratocaster

Fender Precision Bass

Kurzweil SP76 76-key Keyboard

Korg MS 2000 Keyboard

Remington Steel Lap Steel Guitar

Moog Little Phatty

Acoustic B100 Bass Amp




You Suppose Know

The Journey Agents


Tom Lynch

Pennsylvania Bound


Leavers and Takers

Stephen Ray


Timi Dakolo

Wish Me Well

Nathaniel Bassey

Son of God

Sara Van Buskirk

Texas Wine

Cavernous - "Chickenburger"

Recorded live at 226 Recordings

Fire Moth - "Still Got it"

Recorded live at 226 Recordings




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